EBV, Adrenal Fatigue, Burning Out

July 30, 2016

Burned, broken, barren….wired but tired. Many with chronic illness have damaged organs, nerve issues, and severe neurological symptoms. We can be physically exhausted while our minds are on overdrive, making sleep impossible, and therefore preventing healing and restoration.

I tire easily. I sleep with difficulty. Helping the adrenals is a good start. Rhodiola, ashawaganda, bee pollen, DHEA, and cutting down on caffeine can support the adrenals and allow for hormone balance so that mornings are not so exhausting and evenings are relaxing. A “spit test” that measures adrenal function is indicative of adrenal activity, or inactivity. I had cortisol skyricketing at the wrong times and low DHEA always. My midback ached, I grinded my teeth, and had jaw pain. When I supported my adrenals the pain lofted and I no longer required a mouth guard!  Do you or your doctor know teeth grinding is linked to adrenal dysfunction?


EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) causes overwhelming fatigue. A high viral load is taxing on the body. I took Valtrex and Transfer Factors for two years with minimal relief. I switched to Lysine tablets (1000-2000 mg a day) and Melissa (lemon balm) capsules. I also began eating more celery and wild blueberries. These additions made a measurable improvement in energy and lessened insomnia and anxiety.

The neurological problems that cause sleep issues and exhaustion are difficult to repair and each person requires a personalized treatment plan. And it takes time to figure out; much trial and error.

Mostly I have to take care of myself and not feel guilty for not participating in community events or attending family functions. Conversing for too long, sitting in a noisy room,  feigning strength on a bad day will lead to a week of “burn out.” Avoid feeling barren and broken by allowing yourself to stay home and never fear. The fear of missing out is not in my vocabulary. Pushing myself to be “normal” leads to much fear and missing out. Missing out on sleep and symptom-free days. Fear of a flare-up and a week of discomfort. Make your home a sanctuary. A place of peace and rest…..

What methods help you fight fatigue?

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