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February 6, 2017

Below is a list of the combinations of pharmaceuticals and herbals I have taken, continue to take, or researched. I am not suggesting a cure. Chronic Lyme is just that. But I’ve found ways to reduce the infections and symptoms to the point I have good days consistently.

Scroll through to find the infections you are dealing with (I cover babesia, bartonella, Lyme, and others).

I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  I RESEARCH FOR FUN. I KEEP TRACK OF MEDICAL JOURNALS AND ADVANCEMENTS TO STAY ORGANIZED AND IN CHARGE OF MY HEALTH. DO NOT USE MY GUIDELINES AS THE GOSPEL.  I just want to provide some guidance for my Lymie friends who are stuck and do not know what to try next.  I suggest reading the works of Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Cameron, and Stephen Buhner.

Text in purple are the treatments I had the most success with.


Combo #1

Mepron, azythromicin, artemisinin, bolouke, lovenox.

Mepron (started with 1 tsp in the morning, once a week! It took me two months to work up to 1 Tbsp twice a day, every day.) Mepron is best absorbed with healthy fats.  I also took azythromicin (500mg every other day). There was an art to pulsing the artimisin and I needed a doctor and many articles to take it correctly. You don’t take it every day! The bolouke and lovenox helped with air hunger and pain by preventing coagulation and by breaking up fibrin. It also spaces the red blood cells out so that new cells are not as easily infected, and the spacing allows the meds to work best.

The results of Combo #1:

In the beginning of this babs treatment I couldn’t feel my legs and often pulled myself to between bed and bathroom. The herx was pretty severe. I also had an emotional herx. I am a very strong, positive person but spent a few weeks depressed and sobbing without really knowing why. I always knew when I had a big babs kill because I became emotional. Air hunger worsened at first, which makes sense because red blood cells explode when babs dies. And the bloodstream fills with fibrin. It was important for me to take bolouke and anticoagulant injections during this phase. Lots of horrible nightmares occurred during this treatment. It wasn’t that successful. My symptoms improved a bit but I wouldn’t rate this as successful.


Combo #2:

Coartem pills replaced Mepron, continued with Clinda IVs and azythromicin. Added Septra DS and Plaquenil.

The results of Combo #2: 

Combo #2 lasted for six months. Coartem was easier to handle than Mepron. After a few months the medications started to mimic or intensify the babesia symptoms, resulting in serious arrhythmia and air hunger. I quit all babesia treatment for two weeks to help my liver and just flush it all out. I never went back on pharmaceutical antiparisites.


Cryptolepis/Sida Acuta/Alchornea tincture and Monolaurin pellets

 The results of Combo #3:

Voila! The answer to prayer. This tincture worked effectively. It kills babesia and protects new red blood cells from becoming infected. I started with one drop a day and worked up to full dose over a few months. Within the year of taking this tincture my pain lifted, air hunger diminished, and I was walking every day! I even was able to enjoy hobbies and do all my own housework again. After a year and a half I was working part-time! Please read Stephen Buhner’s work on this. You can take crypto alone if you want.

Within the first two combos I included:


Took this for a year, mostly with grapefruit juice to improve absorption. But grapefruit juice started to cause migraines so just took the capsules with water. This did nothing for me personally. In fact, I believe it created a resistant babesia infection.


High doses of supercurcumin capsules (some come with fats and black pepper in them. If not, you must take with a healthy oil and some black pepper. Works well if you cook with olive or coconut oils and can sprinkle some pepper on the food. Although, I hate pepper and find it causes digestive and inflammation issues for me. ) Didn’t really do anything for the babesia. 

Some specialists recommend Ivermectin but it can lead to glassy eyes, zombie-like stance, depersonalization, personality alteration, toxicity, and neurological issues. Most people I speak with about their experience with Ivermectin say they would never attempt it again. But every body is different and I have read blogs where a few people said it helped them. It was created by vets for horses dealing with parasites I believe….

Lovenox injections: 

My PTT was always really low due to fibrin and infections, lots of air hunger from this. Plus it isn’t safe to have clots and thick blood. Later I learned that Heparin injections not only act as anticoagulants but also help kill babesia. Lovenox was a must, very successful. 


Awesome! Gets rid of air hunger and pain in minutes. There are cheaper versions available. For instance, you can purchase it as Di Long powder from a TCM and mix it in tea or warm water.


In combination with a strong biofilm buster, monoluarin is a powerful antiparasitic.


Classic Lyme

Combo #1:

500 mg of tetracycline once a day, 1000 mg Cipro daily, Bicillin IM injections 1.2 million units in each hip once a week.

Results of Combo #1:

I did well on it and Lyme did start to die. However, I was no longer able to metabolize the tetracycline and it caused toxicity. A warning about Cipro: I am one of the few who endured it. Many Lymies report loss of mobility and terrible tendon damage. Knowing this I would never take it again.

Combo #2:

150 mg of oral clindamycin BID, Bicillin injections, 2 shots of 1.2 million units in each hip once a week. and azythromicin 500mg every other day.

Results of Combo #2:

The oral clinda caused esophagus erosion despite sitting upright after taking it.

Combo #3: SUCCESSFUL. 

Clindamycin IVs: 600mg with 500mL saline bag, twice a day. It is important to use lots of saline, even up to 1000mg and do a slow drip. I tried oral Clinda previously but it led to esophagus erosion. So I got a PICC and did IVs instead. I had to do a heparin flush daily because of clotting and coagulation. Some people are not brave enough to maintain a line and worry when it gets “plugged” but I would go through all the mini-crisis of the lines again because the IVs saved me. I had a central line at one point, too.

To kill Lyme in all its forms (cell wall, cyst, intercellular) we cycled various antibiotic combos from the different drug families, while always staying on the IVs: Doxycycline, Biaxin, Amoxicillin, Bicillin IM, Zythromax, Plaquenil, and others. I was always on three antibiotics. Others also switched from Clinda IVs to Rocephin then Vancomicin which cleared up neurological issues. You need Close medical monitoring on those IV meds.

I suggest reading Dr. Horowitz’s book. He documents the best combinations of antibioitcs to take and how to cycle them.


Cowden protocol plus Coptis tablets (includes many herbal remedies that fight Lyme, without being as harsh as golden seal. This combo kills Lyme but relieves toxicity at the same time), and Monolaurin as previously mentioned. I included powerful biofilm busters as well. First EDTA lipophos and then the Big Kahuna: Cistus Incanus. I also continued with some antibiotics while on the herbal protocol.

Dr. Risk in Calgary supervised my transition to this protocol.

Results of Combo #4:

This combo is a life-saver. It is relieving my symptoms, repairing my organs, and killing Lyme. I am back to working part time and hiking because of this combo.

Many people find it is best to combine the Cowden protocol with some antibiotics for most efficiency. I had Lyme for decades and lost hope.  But blending pharmaceuticals and Cowden worked!



Combo #1-#3 (tried each over a few months):

Plaquenil/Doxycycline/Rifampin                              Not bad.

Plaquenil/Zythro/Septra                                            Better

Rifampin/Vancomycin IVs (can be effective, but need to be very carefully, closely monitored, with lots of breaks. Vanco can cause severe toxicity. I really didn’t handle this well.)      UGH!

Biaxin/Bactrim/Plaquenil                                            Best

Japanese knotweed, breaks up the cytokine cascade that causes the terrible symptoms. You can take it in capsule or tincture form in conjunction with any combo above. Stephen Buhner’s books cover lots of information about how Japanese knotweek works and where to source it. Japanese knotweed, breaks up the cytokine cascade that causes the terrible symptoms. Japanese knotweed reduced the symptoms of bartonella, including rage and brain fog! As a side note, this is resveratol. The anti-cancer ingredient in red wine. But if you are a Lymie you don’t drink alcohol (or handle it well anyway) and you’d have to drink many bottles of wine a day to get the level of resveratol in two capsules of Japanese knotweed.

Combo #4: Maintenance. Chronic Lyme is just that, chronic. I need the herbals to prevent a relapse.

Cowden Protocol: research it, Nutramedix.

San Qi powder: Bartonella caused a major infection in the endothelial cells along my blood vessel walls. This weakened the lining and caused swelling and bursting vessels. We had to kill bartonella slowly for this reason. To strengthen the vessels I took San Qi powder in tea. Worked so efficiently that I haven’t had any vascular issues in over a year!


EBV/Coxsackie/HHV-1/HHV-6 ( viral motherload) 

Combo #1

Transfer Factors Plasmyc, 500mg of Valtrex daily, and colloidal silver.

Results of Combo #1: 

Two years. No improvement. Waste of my money. 

Combo #2:

Melissa/Lemon Balm capsules, Lysine tablets, Red Reishi capsules, and Monolaurin

Results of Combo #2:

After six months on these natural antivirals many of the viral infections were no longer active when tested. Most viral symptoms have disappeared.


Combo #1: 

Inhaled, nebulized antifungals.

Results of Combo #1:

Altered my personality, caused pneumonia-like problems with lungs, severe toxicity. Totally a poison. DON’T DO IT!

Combo #2:

Red reishi, bentonite clay, chlorella

Results of Combo #2:

Got rid of my mold and toxicity. I did not have black mold, though. Just a couple other kinds.

Detox: you  need a binder and things to flush out toxins

Vitamin C IVs:    daily 10ccs with 1000mL saline for hydration. Great! Saved my liver.
Glutathione Push: 20ccs in a saline push. Didn’t help me much.
Floressence: killed babesia so caused a herx. It is better for cancer patients. I wouldn’t use it again.
Cholestyramine: acts as a binder. Works great for most Lymies, but caused anemia and digestive issues for me.
Chlorella, bentonite clay, parsley, pinella, burbur tinctures, Folapro: binder and detoxer. Throw in some milk thistle and you have a wonderful support system that helps flush out all the dying infections and strengthens the kidneys and liver. 


All the above information is simply my experiences and a summary of treatments I have read. You must do your own research, speak with many specialists, and document your own health journey. I just wanted to share this because I feel like I am sitting on a valuable treasure chest that could potentially help others. Again, I highly recommend spending time online reading the research of Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Burrascano; also read the books of Dr. Horowitz and Stephen Buhner.

I am wishing all those dealing with ongoing health issues a peaceful day and much courage.

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  • Reply A. May 28, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    This is such a great post! I’ve been recently diagnosed with some tickborne illnesses and haven’t started treatment yet, but it’s helpful to see how others have dealt with their illnesses. Thanks for compiling your personal experiences like this!

  • Reply Rhonda October 24, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Jillian, thank you for your attention to detail in chronicling the remedies you tried. I’m glad you finally got yourself on a good path. Two questions:
    1) Did you also have to change your diet (e.g. Gluten, Sugar, AIP) in conjunction with your protocols to finally get something to work?
    2) Did you find any of the popular modalities for detoxing arts crucial, such as IFR Sauna, Ionic foot bath or Biomat?
    In trying to decide which of these to add next because the protocols aren’t working on their own. Thank you.

    • Reply Jillian October 31, 2017 at 12:53 pm

      Hi Rhonda, In the beginning I ate an alkaline diet. Mostly 80% super clean and 20% “unhealthy” (coffee, cheeseburgers). Juicing and alkaline smoothies and soups were the bulk of my diet for two years. It reduced inflammation but did nothing for my gut health or infections. Cutting nightshades and sugar was most helpful. But honestly, my health improved dramatically wgen eating normally. Weird, I know. I am one of those people who absorbs meds and herbs really well and feel best on grains and plants, not meat and paleo. In my experience and with research the saunas and footbaths and even hyperbaric chamber do not heal. They may remove toxins but do not successfully kill infections. I found cheaper things like clay, milk thistle, vitamin C IVs, and enemas way more effectuve in reducing toxins and symptoms, and used my money for the tinctures and monolaurin and meds. Please keep in touch!

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