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March 2, 2017

A couple months ago I discussed my “big” goal for 2017: to stop worrying. I began by contemplating why I worry and react in fear, then tested out stress management techniques. I wrote a blog post about what works for me under Coping, called “Stop Worrying.”  For accountability sake, here is a follow-up:

Like every path we take, there are ups and downs. It is easy to walk in peace when there is no problem looming on the horizon. Life is full of struggle and surprises. My techniques were put to the test shortly after posting them.  I became pregnant! Yes, a blessing. Yes, a joyous time. When Lyme disease is involved, a time of concern as well. This disease is congenital. Could I watch another human suffer the way others with this horrible disease have? What were we going to do?!?!?!?! Worry, worry, worry. Sleepless nights. Tossing and turning. Fearing for little life growing inside me.

Why was I such a hypocrite? I just wrote a blog post on how to not worry. So I returned to it, followed the steps, and voila, sleeping, praying, smiling, and peace. Not worrying is a goal and it is realistic that I slip a bit. The point is I got back up and hammered that mountain back into a little mole hill.

– I looked at the first worry prevention tip in my previous post. My disease causes neurotoxicity, especially if I am not doing treatment and detoxing properly. I had to quit my herbal regiment and detox herbs because they were deemed unsafe for baby. There was a physical reason my anxiety over congenital Lyme was ramped up. To combat this I had to find safe detoxing methods. After research and trial and error I was successful at reducing inflammation and neurotoxins. Whew! I could now calmly move forward and address my concerns logically. Because pacing the kitchen eating can after can of peaches is not productive.

I had always been hypothyroid. When I told my doctor I was fidgety and had heart palpitations she said it likely wasn’t a Lyme flare but my thyroid. Sure enough, pregnancy hormones kicked it into overdrive and I am now slightly hyperthyroid. Go figure? Another problem solved. So my point is, go to a doctor and seek help because there definitely can be physical problems leading to anxiety and sleeplessness.

  • The second tip in my post was to walk. Walking outdoors and meditating in the fresh air releases my tension and clears my mind. But I became pregnant in the winter. Sidewalks and hiking paths were covered in ice. Falling at this point is dangerous. I was also extremely weak and sick in the beginning. It made sense that no longer taking my daily walks was allowing stress to build up. As soon as the ice cleared I began long daily walks. It improved my thinking and sleep. Plus, it’s good for baby.


  • My trusty list of blessings and gratitudes before bed didn’t help that much in this case. But I will stick with it because I know it is important to focus on the positive.
  • The best thing I did was face the fear head on. I was scared of passing on Lyme so needed a prevention plan. I began spending hours each day researching, phoning, and emailing until I came up with the best means to treat Lyme during pregnancy to prevent transmission to the baby. Information is power. In being diligent and proactive we found a successful treatment plan and although it is unpleasant we have confidence and peace of mind now.                                                     I can confidently say we are doing everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy. My initial reaction of worry and doomed thinking has now been replaced with thanking God for answers and solutions. Once again I feel like I can go out in joy and be led forth in peace. After doing my part I’ve given the rest over to God. I am seeking His favour and protection for baby, because really, this pregnancy was totally His idea and in His timing ❤️

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