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Strengthening Blood Vessels: Healing From Vasculitis

July 13, 2017

Tick-bourne infections can cause all sorts of circulatory problems. From coagulated red blood cells to heart palpitations to varicose veins to bursting blood vessels. In this post I share my experiences and ways I healed from these issues.

When it comes to the blood vessels themselves we know that bartonella often “colonizes” in the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. This significantly affects the health and stability of the vessel walls, and circulation. My legs suffered the most
from vasculitis. Bulging veins, bursting vessels, and poor circulation became normal to me.

But it was actually bartonella treatment that caused most of my vasculitis and blood vessel damage. We intensified my bartonella treatment quite quickly. I had also increased the biofilm busters. This created a large “kill.” When bartonella dies, the clumps of endothelial cells can pull away from the vessel walls. This causes weakness, and in my case, collapsing and bursting. Whenever a sharp ping was felt, a bruise quickly followed. I learned to slow down the treatment. Obviously it was effective, but just too powerful, killing too much, too quickly. For detailed information on how bartonella and its treatment affects endothelial cells and blood vessels please read books by Stephen Buhner.

Then there is babesia treatment. Most of the pharmaceutical treatments used to kill this parasite cause weakness, and an intolerance to exercise and heat. When babesia dies, the red blood cells that “house” the babs often burst open. We are then left with even fewer oxygen-carrying red blood cells. This causes increased air hunger and fatigue and pain. Overheating during treatment causes intensified symptoms, too. So there were many summers I spent in the cool basement, with legs elevated. And when I did have to stand or walk compression stockings helped a lot.  I was mostly a hermit in the summers.

One day when I did push myself in the heat I ended up having mild renal issues and needed three days in bed with AC to recuperate and rehydrate.

So how did I strengthen my blood vessels, improve circulation and end the swelling? Why can I now enjoy summer and go for long walks?

First, I slowed down treatment. And later quit most pharmaceuticals. After a few years of antibiotic treatments I switched to a blend of Cowden and Buhner protocols. Not only did the herbs act as anti-coagulants, but the die-offs were effective without damaging my blood vessels.

I still rely on Lovenox and bolouke as mentioned in previous posts. If you suffer from babesia you should get your PTT checked. Heparin is actually the preferred anticoagulant for babesia treatment. Both Dr. Horowitz and Buhner discuss this in their books, and my previous articles do as well.

To strengthen the blood vessels I stirred San Qi powder into my tea each day. It worked so much better than all the vein health supplements that are targeted at women in health food stores. My TCM doctor prescribed the powder and within a few weeks
my legs were no longer swelling, the vessels were stronger.

Of course, reducing inflammation in general helps. Japanese Knotweed not only breaks up the cytokine cascade that causes Lyme symptoms, but it also reduces inflammation. For years people have been touting the benefits of red wine, because it contains resveratol. You would have to drink many bottles of red wine a night to gain the anti-inflammatory levels that a few drops of a Japanese Knotweed tincture contain. Stephen Buhner has excellent research on the benefits of Japanese Knotweed in his various books.

To further reduce inflammation and improve circulaton, one must not be acidic. Eating processed foods, sugar, and typical snacks wreak havoc with the diseased body. Juicing alkaline veggies and sipping lemon water improved my blood vessel health.

And although I haven’t found much research to prove a correlation, my circulation and blood vessel health improved as soon as I was put on an estrogen detox. Years of horrendous female issues resulted in multiple tests of hormone levels but nothing resulted. I still felt this was a problem and continued seeking answers. A TCM doctor discovered that my body did not synthesize and flush excess estrogen. It wasn’t so much that my body produced too much estrogen but synthetic estrogen from the environment (plastic water bottles, pollution, etc.) had altered my hormone balance, and my inabiltiy to “detox” it caused major problems. After just two months on a natural estrogen detox not only did my period problems resolve but the swelling and heaviness in my legs diminished. No more compression stockings needed.

The combination of all the aforementioned medications and herbs and diet changes have supported and improved my circulatory health. I encourage everyone to research and ask questions and experiment. Don’t accept uncomfortable health problems or rely on the advice of only one professional. Be your own advocate. Keep seeking.

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