headshot Jillian Augey spent most of her life feeling unwell and pushing herself despite constant health concerns. Although constantly suffering from a myriad of symptoms, she completed university and established a career. Throughout these years frequent visits to doctors did not reveal any answers to her health questions, and none of the tests performed could identify the source of her pain, fatigue, cardiac problems, digestive troubles, and later, mobility issues. Even with compassionate and curious doctors, no answers were discovered and Jillian forced herself to continue working and volunteering, until one day her body gave out. After exhausting many resources the root of her health issues was determined and she began the long journey to recovery, which she is still traveling. After years of intensive IV and pharmaceutical treatments, she is utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural remedies with success. She has spent much time researching chronic illness and viable treatment options. In gratitude for having been diagnosed and finding treatments that work for her, she dedicates her “good” days to helping others. Through research, blogging, and public presentations Jillian teaches others how to take responsibility for health and wellness. It is Jillian’s mission to prevent others from falling through the cracks because they pose a medical mystery