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How Decluttering Improved My Health

February 4, 2018

Embracing minimalism is desirable but difficult to fully execute when chronically ill. The medical supplies, pills, and supplements could use a tiny house of their own. And a capsule wardrobe? Maybe, if multiple pairs of pajamas are considered classic staples. But one need not be extreme. There is merit and value in many minimalist concepts. Downsizing and decluttering have significantly improved my health. Read below to learn the three ways it helped me and how I conquered clutter with minimal energy and stamina! Continue Reading…

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Lymie Mommy Thriving: Tips for Healthy Postpartum

February 2, 2018

From previous articles and Instagram posts, you know how I took care of my body and prevented transmission during pregnancy. Below are a few things I am doing to ensure full healing in the postpartum stage. From “physio in a cave” to chlorella to serratia, there are somewhat miraculous ways to heal and strengthen and regain vibrancy.

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Choose Life

December 30, 2017

Today I put before you…

People everywhere are announcing their “word” for 2018. Admittedly I used to roll my eyes and shake my head over this. Of course you can choose “prosperity,” you’re healthy and able to work. And you, yeah go ahead and claim “explore” because you can travel pain free. Oh, “self care” now that’s unique. Like we need another person spending their Sundays soaking in a bath eating bonbons. So, yeah, I’ve been caustic.

But I am learning the power of words. I’m seeing the point of intention and meditating on things. Really, that’s like praying. Asking for favour. Accepting blessings. Being purposeful. So maybe I’ll do this, too.

My word is words, plural. And they are huge. They were handed to me. Surprisingly, against all odds I was given a life, a baby. And although not healthy or 100% well, I’m getting better. Life is being handed back to me slowly, in pieces. I need to build it carefully. Set it up on a strong foundation, and create tall walls but also large windows to let the light in. Follow me on this construction project of 2018 I’m calling: “Choose Life.” I’m doing it for my son. I’m claiming it for me.

What I think, what I say, what I eat, what I do. Is it life-giving? Is it healthy? Will it bring joy and creativity and the breath of life to my recovery and to my family? So I guess the chocolate bars I have hidden gotta go! And I need to quite writing this to go nap with my son. ❤️

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Walks With Beagle

December 17, 2017

 How do you come to terms with facing the same loss over and over again? Most goodbyes are final. You grieve and then learn to  live without. But what happens when you are gifted and denied your passion repeatedly? I am once again facing the same loss I have grieved four times before, and determining how to hope without setting myself up for disappointment, and how to proceed cautiously without dreaming too small.  Continue reading to see how I’m facing this and what a stubborn beagle has to do with my newest challenge.  Continue Reading…


How Do I Know If It Is Lyme?

December 13, 2017

How Do I Know If I Have Lyme?

(Or: What if it is not arthritis, MS, interstitial cystitis?)

Most likely it is Lyme. If you are thinking about a possible Lyme diagnosis it probably is. And if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, or interstitial cystitis there’s a chance that the Lyme bacteria is causing it. Lots of serious, chronic diseases start because of a virus or bacteria. If your illness is caused by a Borrelia burgdorferi strain, then your treatments will only be Band-Aids for symptoms.  If you get tested and narrow the cause down to Lyme, then treating Lyme will get to the root of the problem and begin the healing process.

Many people in my town are being diagnosed with Lyme disease after years of feeling unwell and “mysterious” migrating symptoms. It is an epidemic and therefore makes sense that many people have Lyme, whether they know it or not.

In children, Lyme looks a little different. Sadly Lyme is congenital, and mothers can pass it on to babies if they do not have treatment during pregnancy. It starts out slowly and if untested and untreated, the child will just grow increasingly ill with more symptoms. It usually begins with headaches, bone pain (mistaken sometimes for growing pains), constant sore throat and ear infections, asthma, digestive issues, and/or ADD and anxiety. Some children are developmentally delayed, while others have more physical pain and low immunity.

Here’s how it started for me:

First onset symptoms: A “weird” flu or unexplained “virus” a few months, asthma, chemical sensitivities, fatigue, feeling ‘rundown’, sore throats, annual pneumonia


Chronic Lyme disease symptoms: Extreme fatigue, insomnia, pain, poor circulation, brain fog, tinnitus, heart palpitations, heart block, heart murmur, low BP, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, chronic cough, stiff joints, heightened anxiety, difficulty remembering common words.


Diagnosis before Lyme disease: 


Working too hard; anxiety; IBS


Treatment does not always mean hundreds of thousands of dollars at a special clinic. There are means to managing the disease at home and with the help of various practitioners. It does require patience and research. Some excellent books to start with are:

Dr. Horowitz’s Why Can’t I Get Better?  His symptom checklist is thorough.

Stephen Buhner’s books on Lyme and Coinfections

Dr. William Rawls Suffered Long Enough and Unlocking Lyme