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How Decluttering Improved My Health

February 4, 2018

Embracing minimalism is desirable but difficult to fully execute when chronically ill. The medical supplies, pills, and supplements could use a tiny house of their own. And a capsule wardrobe? Maybe, if multiple pairs of pajamas are considered classic staples. But one need not be extreme. There is merit and value in many minimalist concepts. Downsizing and decluttering have significantly improved my health. Read below to learn the three ways it helped me and how I conquered clutter with minimal energy and stamina! Continue Reading…

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Walks With Beagle

December 17, 2017

 How do you come to terms with facing the same loss over and over again? Most goodbyes are final. You grieve and then learn to  live without. But what happens when you are gifted and denied your passion repeatedly? I am once again facing the same loss I have grieved four times before, and determining how to hope without setting myself up for disappointment, and how to proceed cautiously without dreaming too small.  Continue reading to see how I’m facing this and what a stubborn beagle has to do with my newest challenge.  Continue Reading…

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Dying of Thirst While Drowning

June 27, 2017

Poor health and workaholic habits caused dehydration issues for me. The oft-repeated advice to drink more water did not ensure proper hydration. Of course, gulping twenty cups of water a day certainly did not improve my health. Anything in excess can be harmful. Thankfully I learned how to overcome dehydration and adrenal fatigue through proper hydration habits.

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Eat Dirt

March 10, 2017

I live in the badlands. The word bentonite is oft-spoke. The clay is generated by the alteration of volcanic ash. The coulees I love are filled with it. The steep walls become slippery and dangerous to climb after a rain. Many a time have I slid down a hill, covered in the slimy mud. Until I became really ill, bentonite was just some “dirt” and an annoying aspect of the hills to be avoided after snowmelt or rainstorm. Now I eat the stuff (not straight from the coulee mind you).

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