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Walks With Beagle

December 17, 2017

 How do you come to terms with facing the same loss over and over again? Most goodbyes are final. You grieve and then learn to  live without. But what happens when you are gifted and denied your passion repeatedly? I am once again facing the same loss I have grieved four times before, and determining how to hope without setting myself up for disappointment, and how to proceed cautiously without dreaming too small.  Continue reading to see how I’m facing this and what a stubborn beagle has to do with my newest challenge.  Continue Reading…


Waves of Fear

August 22, 2016

My doctor prescribed a dog. Someone to brighten my day, teach me to live in the moment, help me get over myself. A dog needs to be walked, which meant I would have to walk. In the beginning Copper was as scared and traumatized as I was. We just sat on the couch watching Mary Tyler Moore and sharing Doritos. We both quivered and grew exhausted from the prospect of leaving the house. Germs, ticks, relapse, pain attacks, other dogs, shoelaces, broomsticks, moths. Who knew what would attack us?! But we just did it. He was put into a harness, my mom bought me new runners and we were pushed out the door.  Continue Reading…