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Congenital Lyme


Preventing Congenital Lyme

September 3, 2017

When a Lymie gets pregnant she may feel fear and guilt, mixed with joy and excitement. Lyme can be congenital which is cause for concern, and new life is miraculous which is cause for happiness. This mixture of emotions results from the somewhat unchartered territory of congenital Lyme, preventing transmission, and supporting a sick mom through pregnancy. Some Lymie moms can be exhausted and depleted and may suffer worsening symptoms. Others go into “remission” during pregnancy only to relapse hard after.  I’ve read about and met women with various experiences. I’ve compared research by Lyme physicians in an attempt to better understand transmission.  Although I need more time on this topic and am by no means an expert,  what I did learn I will share here, as maybe a starting point for others who are interested. Essentially, like Lyme treatment itself, there is no set protocol or always successful plan for pregnancy.

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