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Dying of Thirst While Drowning

June 27, 2017

Poor health and workaholic habits caused dehydration issues for me. The oft-repeated advice to drink more water did not ensure proper hydration. Of course, gulping twenty cups of water a day certainly did not improve my health. Anything in excess can be harmful. Thankfully I learned how to overcome dehydration and adrenal fatigue through proper hydration habits.

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Eat Dirt

March 10, 2017

I live in the badlands. The word bentonite is oft-spoke. The clay is generated by the alteration of volcanic ash. The coulees I love are filled with it. The steep walls become slippery and dangerous to climb after a rain. Many a time have I slid down a hill, covered in the slimy mud. Until I became really ill, bentonite was just some “dirt” and an annoying aspect of the hills to be avoided after snowmelt or rainstorm. Now I eat the stuff (not straight from the coulee mind you).

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