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Stop Worrying

December 9, 2016


Before explaining tactics that helped me stop worrying, it is important to mention that they were successful because I first sought the root causes of my anxiety and worrisome ways. In understanding the source, I was better able to eradicate the habit of reacting to stress with worry. Knowing why I worried and felt anxious laid the foundation to breaking the habit and forming new, healthier habits. It took time, lots of walks down memory lane, and careful observation of my reactions.

I encourage all worriers out there to do the same. Why is your reaction to stress, panic? Why do you dwell on things? Why are you living with constant stomach aches?

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From Chaos to Peacefulness

November 27, 2016

Advent begins today:

A priest shared this idea and it resonates with me today: On that first Christmas, God came to those who were still, who were waiting, who were open. The angels did not bring a message to the Pharisees. God did not speak to the census workers or busy innkeepers. Angels came to shepherds in the quiet fields of night. Jesus was born in a quiet stable. A silent night can be a holy night.

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