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Choose Life

December 30, 2017

Today I put before you…

People everywhere are announcing their “word” for 2018. Admittedly I used to roll my eyes and shake my head over this. Of course you can choose “prosperity,” you’re healthy and able to work. And you, yeah go ahead and claim “explore” because you can travel pain free. Oh, “self care” now that’s unique. Like we need another person spending their Sundays soaking in a bath eating bonbons. So, yeah, I’ve been caustic.

But I am learning the power of words. I’m seeing the point of intention and meditating on things. Really, that’s like praying. Asking for favour. Accepting blessings. Being purposeful. So maybe I’ll do this, too.

My word is words, plural. And they are huge. They were handed to me. Surprisingly, against all odds I was given a life, a baby. And although not healthy or 100% well, I’m getting better. Life is being handed back to me slowly, in pieces. I need to build it carefully. Set it up on a strong foundation, and create tall walls but also large windows to let the light in. Follow me on this construction project of 2018 I’m calling: “Choose Life.” I’m doing it for my son. I’m claiming it for me.

What I think, what I say, what I eat, what I do. Is it life-giving? Is it healthy? Will it bring joy and creativity and the breath of life to my recovery and to my family? So I guess the chocolate bars I have hidden gotta go! And I need to quite writing this to go nap with my son. ❤️


Survival Techniques

April 24, 2017

I spend time in person and online with people who have serious, ongoing illnesses who I greatly admire. From their attitudes and experiences, and my own struggles, a few survival techniques have become evident. Putting on a fight face, becoming a researcher, focusing on one moment at a time, and having a strong faith life seem to be some commonalities. I invite any readers to comment with their coping techniques and means of gaining ground. The more we connect and share, the less isolated and scared we will feel. There is power in information and connecting.

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No Small Thing: the beginning

January 27, 2017

Conjuring fantastical worlds and grand adventures was how my brother and I spent many summer afternoons. To escape the droughts of the 1980s and a rather isolated existence on the prairies, our imaginations took us to a different place each day. The Caragana hedge became a dense jungle where we fought off a patrol of Viet Cong (Derek and I were obsessed with Vietnam War vet, Magnum PI). The yellow bean pods that hung from the branches became hand grenades, easily plucked and thrown at the enemy. Another day we crawled through a ditch, or ran over crunching dried, golden clumps of prairie grass, kicking up fine dirt as we escaped lions who stalked us on make-believe safaris. Some summer afternoons we fished with our great uncle and great grandmother at the pond, a lone body of water near our farmyard. Of course, the small pond became an ocean and we, deep sea fishers. Though far from a Norman Rockwell painting, a typical childhood in the 1980s country life was idyllic in some ways. Slowly this painting of imagination and family gatherings and youthful adventure became sullied, darkened by the unknown. Long-living, German, Protestant hardiness coursed through our veins. What was also coursing through our veins was something “new” and unseen and much more dangerous than the lions, human enemies, and sharks of our imaginations. This unseen guest was slowly attacking our bodies and minds, stripping us of our hardy genetics and ability to survive.

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MTHFR: know your genes, know your future

November 14, 2016

There is a test that is kind of like seeing into the future. AND  there is something that can be done about any negative results! The genetic tests may say, “Oh, I see a heart attack in your future despite exercise and eating right.” But a specialist will retort, “Yeah well, let’s change the future. I know how to prevent this.”

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